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Parent-Student Portal

Welcome to the Panther Information Portal for Parents and Students of

Brito Miami Private School!

The National Student Council Brito Miami Chapter has created this site to provide our Panther Family with the most up-to-date information relating to our school's daily life.  Together with the administration, we will be updating this site and creating new pages to provide an easy to use parent and student portal. 


Additional resources can also be found on our Intranet Page:

Click on the links below for all our most up-to-date information

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Click on the link above in order to access resources including 

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Follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop of our campus life.

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Under Construction, please check back soon!



Follow the link above to the Brito Miami Intranet, the electronic resource hub that includes links to all resources including virtual libraries. 


Subscribe to our Panther Events Page by clicking the link above to be up-to-date with all the upcoming student clubs events & student activities, please remember to log-into your Teams Page first. 

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