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Code of Ethics 

Code of Ethics

We will provide a strong academic education, in a positive atmosphere, upholding the values of discipline, responsibility and respect.

• To give as much importance to the democratic development of our children as to their intellectual education and reinforce the basic principles that governs the educational structure of the school.

• To avoid racial and class prejudice and develop the capacity to interrelate with all social levels in a harmonious atmosphere, regardless of race, color, nationality or religion.

• We always make an effort to surround our children with an environment that encourages human development through serious study, integration within the community, and personal maturity.

• We encourage parental responsibility in the education of our children.

• We require the care of school materials and school property.

• We will uphold our obligation and responsibility to our students, teachers, staff members and educational community.

• All new members in our institution (students, teachers, parents and staff) must abide by our code of ethics, all school regulations and policies. Always upholding our school's name and its principles, and never under any circumstances should they use blasphemy.

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