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Our Founder, Principal and Headmaster


Tribute to Mr. Brito

Gone yet Never Forgotten…

Through our existence, we come across very few individuals who impact so many lives. Those privileged to have known him, were inspired through his character, accomplishments, friendship, wisdom, perseverance, love and compassion. He dedicated his life to educating young minds and encouraging them to dream. Teaching was more than a career for him, it was his life-long commitment. He alleged that education is the foundation upon which all forms of progress are based. He showed us that those who were destined to teach spend a lifetime investing in the dreams of their students, and in doing so, their own dreams invariably come true.

He was a true hero that gave us strength and support; a pillar of this community who contributed immensely to noble causes. This exemplary individual leaves behind a great legacy. He had the chance to enlighten, to stimulate, and to inspire all of those whose lives he touched.

His life was a blessing, his memory a treasure. He is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Now in God’s hands… His love still lives in our hearts.

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