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     Our institution is a coeducational bilingual private school founded with the objective of integrating all of its members within this great American Society. As a basic principle, our school will give students an opportunity to develop moral, social and democratic values on an intellectual level during their daily activities. We believe in a strong education, which requires that students make a determined effort to take every opportunity toward their own fulfillment as an individual and a member of the community.

     Our founder, Dr. Antonio Brito continued his family legacy of educating our youth. He was the second member of the founding family of the prestigious school “Academia Brito” in Havana, Cuba and later became the Principal of “Colegio El Alba” in Caracas, Venezuela. The legacy continues still today. In 1984, Brito Miami Private School first opened its doors in Miami, Florida. Since then, it has grown strong and is well known among the educational community for academic excellence and college preparation.

     The Florida Department of Education recognizes this institution as a non-public, nonreligious accredited school. We are fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and School, COBIS (Council of Bilingual School) and we are affiliated to ISSF (Independent Schools of South Florida), BIPRISA (Bilingual Private School Association), DAANS (Dade Association of Non-Public School), NHS (National Honor Society), NASC (National Association of Student Council) and the FHSAA (Florida High School Activities Association).

Academic Excellence

     Brito Miami Private School is dedicated to providing academic excellence, community involvement and cultural development. We form young people, committed to fulfilling the values and democratic necessities of this nation. As a school family member, we encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the school. Our administrators and faculty members look forward in assisting you with any questions or concerns. By working together, we can help our students prosper scholastically and intellectually, in order to successfully achieve their integral formation.


     Our academic community hopes to achieve the integration of each of its members within this great American Society, with the objective of completing the process of forming young individuals committed to fulfilling the values and democratic necessities of this nation.

Mission Statement

     To provide a nurturing and safe environment that promotes the development of the total individual; where students are challenged intellectually, artistically, and athletically.


     Our primary goal is for students to acquire a zest for learning as they develop a positive self-esteem, essential skills, and respect for others.

Teacher Helping Student
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