Student Arrival and Dismissal 




Arrivals and dismissals are conducted in the back of our campus at the designated Panther Drop Off/Pick Up area for your convenience, we have outlined the steps to follow when dropping of your child(ren): 


  • The Panther Drive Lot is available only to those vehicles picking up and dropping off students. Traffic through this lot must move quickly and cautiously. Vehicles using the Panther Drive Lot should approach west bound SW 22nd Terrace making a right into the Panther Parking Lot area. 

  • All vehicles must then exit onto SW 31st Avenue. Making a left on Coral Way is strongly discouraged. Under no circumstances will cars be permitted to make a left from SW 22nd Terrace to enter the Panther Parking Lot. 

  • There is only one traffic lane circling through the pick-up/drop-off area. Always pull as far forward as possible and stay close to the designated way. 

  • Students must always enter or exit from the passenger side of the vehicle. Drivers should never exit or leave their cars unattended while traffic lane. 

  • No drop-off or pick-up permitted except in designated areas. Students must wait for pick-up in the designated area only and maintain social distance guidelines. 

  • Parents must fill out the COVID-19 Screen on Microsoft TEAMS every morning before reporting to campus. The result of the daily screening will show “ACCESS GRANTED” if it is safe for the student to report to campus. In the case that the student does not meet the criteria for On-Campus learning, the form will generate a “ACCESS DENIED” and an administrator will immediately be notified and contact the parents. 

  • The designated staff member/flagger will verify the results via the COVID-19 TEAMS Page before the student departs the car. They will also check that the student has a mask and is wearing the mask appropriately. 

  • Out of consideration and safety for everyone in line, students should unload quickly and move immediately to the designated drop off/pick-up area. Students must follow social distancing guidelines and report directly to their classrooms. 

  • In the afternoon elementary dismissal will be conducted directly from the classroom. School assigned personnel will radio teachers for the student/s to be released. Middle and high school students will line up in the Panther Drop/Pick Up area and follow social distance measures. Vehicles must always move in and out immediately after the student/s enters the vehicle.